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Advanced strategy and technology solutions for our nation's defense

Elusive enemies. Emerging technologies. Unpredictable threats. Now more than ever, mission success depends on agile, adaptive thinking and operations.

From battlefield to boardroom, Booz Allen's global defense experts have the experience, perspective, and know-how to support the Department of Defense's toughest missions.

Since 1940, when founder Edwin Booz helped the Navy gear up for World War II, our focus on national defense has not wavered. Today, as our military services take on new missions, adopt innovative technologies, tackle acquisition and budgeting challenges, and address warfighters' medical needs, our experts are helping the Department of Defense be ready for what's next.

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The U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program

The Army Human Resources Command engaged Booz Allen Hamilton to improve communications and public outreach and ultimately strengthen support for wounded warriors.Read More

Design for Affordability

Electric Boat engaged Booz Allen Hamilton to develop a long-term plan to permanently reduce the cost of each submarine.Read More

US Army: Technical Security Evaluations

Booz Allen Hamilton hired by U.S. Army to test security of RIM Bluetooth®-enabled BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader.Read More

Federal Partnerships for Homeland Defense and Security

Creating a robust homeland infrastructure database through cross-government partnerships and information-sharing.Read More

Materiel Management: The Army Distribution Management Center

The US Army called on Booz Allen Hamilton to help establish the Distribution Management Center (DMC) and transform its service-wide materiel management.Read More

Fostering Federal Partnership for Homeland Defense and Security

Responding to an urgent need for a comprehensive database of geospatial information about the US domestic infrastructure, the Department of Defense asked Booz Allen to support and facilitate the multi-agency Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-level Data (HIFLD) Working Group.Read More

Engaging the Military Health Community through Social Media

The Department of Defense Military Health System (MHS) engaged Booz Allen to introduce next-generation communication tools.Read More

Design for Affordability

Booz Allen helps major programs reduce costs by up to 30 percent with a ground-breaking Design for Affordability approach.Read More

Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical

Booz Allen  is helping the Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical realign operations and transform military healthcare for the nation’s capital region under the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) transition.Read More

Booz Allen Hamilton's Outreach Activities in Louisville

Booz Allen Hamilton's Outreach Activities in Louisville: Being a Good Corporate Citizen is Good for BusinessRead More

Right-Sizing IT Operations with RightIT

Booz Allen’s RightITTM approach can cut IT costs by 40 percent and improve IT operations.Read More

Collaborative Cybersecurity

Developing the Cyber Operations Maturity FrameworkRead More

Connecting Live, Virtual and Constructive Training Systems

Booz Allen helps the Air Force deliver tailored training and mission rehearsals.Read More

Predicting Mission Success Through Advanced Analytics

Tri-Analytics as a Means to Improve Data Collection, Use, and AnalysisRead More

Counter-IED Integration Cells

Improved training through cost-effective Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming techniques reduces casualties.Read More

CyberM³: Enabling Your Enterprise

CyberM3 Empowers Business by Measuring, Managing,and Maturing Information Security in Your OperationsRead More

Improving Intelligence Analysis Through Cloud Analytics

A Hybrid Cloud Approach to Enabling Mission SuccessRead More

Supporting Veterans and Wounded Warrior Reintegration

Veterans find new ways to serve and lead at Booz AllenRead More

Defending Against Cyber Espionage

Fighting a rapidly growing threat to economic and national securityRead More

Bringing Infrastructure into the 21st Century

Rethinking the form, fit, and function of the nation’s infrastructureRead More

Transforming the National Airspace System

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Engineering Experts Integrate the New Systems, Policies, Procedures, and Training for the FAARead More

Transforming Launch Range Systems

Booz Allen Hamilton assists modernization of Air Force launch range systems and enables data-driven decisions for range infrastructureRead More

Delivering Effectiveness and Efficiency in Information Technology

Supporting the Air Force’s IT Efficiency InitiativesRead More

Protecting Soldiers from Ambushes and IEDs

Booz Allen Hamilton provided key integration and rapid prototyping services for the “Wolfhound” radio detection finder system.Read More

Anticipating Threats with Cyber4Sight™

Unmask hidden adversaries before they do harm.Read More

Saving Lives with Mission-Critical Solutions

Panama CIty Joins Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering ServicesRead More

Turning Big Data into Big Insights

Leverage the power of our Cloud Analytics Reference ArchitectureRead More

Keeping Aircraft Operationally Ready

Army Aviation Support to the PIF at Redstone ArsenalRead More

Wind Energy Impact on Air Surveillance Radar

Booz Allen's Physics-Based Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis Efforts to Quantify the Impact of Wind Farms on Domestic RadarRead More

Driving Change Through Health Communications

Booz Allen works with clients to design and deliver integrated, high-impact health awareness campaigns.Read More

Budgetary Turmoil at DoD from 2010 to 2014: A Personal and Professional Journey

Booz Allen Hamilton Fellow and former Department of Defense (DoD) Comptroller Robert Hale has authored a new paper, Budgetary Turmoil at DoD from 2010 to 2014: A Personal and Professional Journey. The paper, published by the Brookings Institution, examines ongoing budgetary turmoil at the Department of Defense from Hale’s perspective serving as the comptroller and chief financial officer for DoD from 2009 to 2014. 

Drawing on his own experiences, interviews with key personnel inside and outside the Department, media coverage, and analyses by outside organizations, Hale documents the budgetary turmoil and the problems it created for DoD and its employees and contractors. Working under the guidance of the Secretary of Defense and his Deputy, Hale coordinated many of DoD’s efforts to accommodate the turmoil that unfortunately continues today.

Learn more about what contributed to the budgetary turmoil, how it affected the Department’s mission success and employee morale, and what should be done by downloading the full paper.

Read More

Managing Technological Change

Technology is a powerfacul force, enabling efficient corporate enterprise growth when properly employed.

Read More

Borrowing From the Banks

A network intrusion or theft of sensitive data can quickly explode into a devastating event. But many organizations are caught unprepared to address the issues created by a major network breach. Their crisis action response cannot keep pace with the malicious intruders or the overwhelming media coverage. A new Booz Allen Hamilton paper examines how cyber breaches can threaten a company’s existence.

Read More

The Problem with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the lips of everyone in business, from the C-suite to the social media spheres. With the rise of a connected society, organizations and individuals can now connect to one another and to various data sources like never before, creating a wide variety of opportunities for businesses to capture value through new products, services, and—ultimately—customer experiences.

Read More

Limiting health care spending growth through the application of standard pharmacy benefit management (PBM) strategies

Discover how payers have succeeded in limiting healthcare spending growth through the judicious application of standard pharmacy benefit management (PBM) strategies
Read More

Transforming Healthcare with Big Data

Booz Allen experts discuss transforming healthcare with Big Data in a July 2014 Health Affairs Article "Creating Value in Health Care Through Big Data: Opportunities and Policy Implications."

Read More

Managing Technological Change

Technology is a powerfacul force, enabling efficient corporate enterprise growth when properly employed.

Insider Risk Management Mandates and Regulations

Insider4Sight improves insider threat detection by baselining normal behaviors to identify anomalous activities.

Federal Public-Private Partnerships: The Basics of Finance and Why This Is Important to You

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) are increasing because they are an effective tool for the federal government in executing large-scale infrastructure projects.

Public-Private Partnerships

Five Principles for Success

Analytics and Change

Booz Allen can help tailor a change management approach to help organizations and agencies garner buy-in for standing up an increasingly sophisticated analytics capability

Aligning Data Science

A guide around three models for aligning data science teams within an organization.
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From “Just Follow The Doctor’s Orders” To Patient Engagement: A Cultural Transformation In Health

Not that long ago—as recently as 30 or 40 years—patients did what their doctors said: they followed doctor’s orders. And, frankly, so did the nurses, techs, and everyone else—no questions asked. But times are changing rapidly, and now patients and providers have very different expectations of one another. We are—or are striving to be—in an age of patient engagement. 

Booz Allen Hamilton Recognized by Paralyzed Veterans of America for Long-Term Dedication to Wounded Vets

Booz Allen Hamilton is proud to be the recipient of the Sustain: ABLE Award from Paralyzed Veterans of America, the only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated solely for the benefit and representation of veterans with spinal cord injury or disease.
July 29, 2015

DataAct Forum: The Art of the Possible

The American Institute of Architects 1735 New York Ave., NW Washington, DC 20006
Booz Allen Hamilton is proud to be a sponsor of ACT-IAC’s DataAct Forum. This half-day professional development event will provide interactive dialogue-driven workshops designed specifically around the questions and issues being raised by the federal data community.

Booz Allen named Semi-Finalist in Top National Guard and Reserve Employer Support Award

The Department of the Defense (DoD)’s Employer Support Guard and Reserve recently selected Booz Allen Hamilton as a semi-finalist for the 2015 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award.

Organizations Win When They Champion the Effort to Make Technology Accessible

Booz Allen Associate Eric Wright received an "Employee of the Year" Award from Careers & the disABLED magazine. He comments on his work with  Section 508, the federal law that requires government technology be accessible to people with disabilities.

Discovery Vs. Delivery: Bridging The Great Health Care Divide

To address challenges in bridging the gap between health care discovery vs. delivery, Booz Allen is helping policymakers, clinical providers, and researchers approach the Clinical-Research Continuum as a holistic framework for understanding the progression from scientific research to clinical practice and population health. Where there are gaps, Booz Allen builds bridges, linking partners across functions.
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