Booz Allen Hamilton

The speed of technology and innovation is challenging the status quo for business leaders—and their customers.

New opportunities are arising, along with new threats and expectations. Those who want to grab market share must take advantage of the pace of change and act decisively.

At Booz Allen Commercial Solutions, we understand the evolving market landscape and the increasing interdependencies within and between industries. We work with you to find opportunity in disruption. Our experience and insights extend beyond traditional market boundaries, bringing you a cross-industry perspective to anticipate trends, realize market opportunity, and mitigate risk.

We help our clients solve their most complex problems by combining technology and human expertise in:

  • Retail: We help you gather and analyze extensive consumer data to build predictive, tailored experiences, while making privacy and security a business-first priority.
  • Media: We work with content developers and distributors to streamline operations and develop new, secure delivery channels.
  • Sports: We provide industry-leading advanced analytics, identifying trends in data to enhance performance and gain competitive advantage.

Designing the MLB Replay Operations Center

Booz Allen helped MLB manage the successful transition to an effective and efficient replay system.Read More
  • Cyber: From cyber security strategy to technical assessments, we offer a wide range of services to help clients align cyber capabilities to core business drivers and integrate solutions across their enterprise.
  • Analytics: We deploy data scientists and domain experts, working in collaboration to harness and analyze internal and external datasets that help clients identify opportunities, manage risk, and solve their most complex business challenges.
  • Compliance: With experience supporting the development of regulatory requirements, we provide a thorough understanding of current and anticipated requirements to inform compliance plans, testing (including at our Common Criteria labs), and remediation.
  • Privacy: We take a multidisciplinary approach to address our client’s privacy management challenges, integrating policy, technology, cultural, and legal expertise to recommend and implement comprehensive privacy solutions.
  • Enterprise Resilience: Our resilience services unite often disparate preparedness activities (business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis/incident response, test, training, evaluations) through a comprehensive framework that evaluates and enhances an organization’s ability to continue operations during crisis events.
  • Vendor Risk Management: Within a rapidly shifting technology and risk landscape, we apply industry-leading vendor-agnostic evaluations to carefully identify, prioritize, and manage risk at critical supply chain decision points.
  • Program Management: Our program management experts combine industry best practices with proven experience and a deep understanding of our clients’ operating environments, delivering high-performing programs in the most challenging environments.